Review: ‘astounding by the glass selection on the menu’

London Fish Restaurant The SavoyEarlier this month, we welcomed a visit from Marinel FitzSimons, from  the drinks business, for what she recalled to be a ‘comfortable and exclusive’ dining experience.

In the review Marinel spoke initially of the ‘astounding by the glass selection on the menu’ offering diners a ‘great opportunity to be selective and creative with their food and wine pairings’. This she said, provided similar emotions to those felt by a ‘child in a candy store’.

She continued, explaining that her menu choice of Tuna Tartar was ‘rich and unctuous, in sizeable chunks that positively melted in the mouth’, while highlighting that the restaurant and new chef behind the creation had mastered ‘accessible dishes, but with the Savoy’s signature use of the finest and freshest with a nod to creativity and originality’.

‘All in all this was more than a meal’

Read the full review here.

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